Discover the Outdoor Beauty of Villa Nautilus

The seaside haven of warmth, tranquility and restoration


Discover the Outdoor Beauty of Villa Nautilus

At Villa Nautilus in Patong, Phuket, you step into a world of luxury mixed with the beauty of nature. The villa's outside area is a blend of modern style and traditional Thai charm.

The first thing you notice is the beautiful design of the villa. It stands tall with a modern look but also has traditional Thai touches that blend well with the green trees and blue sky around.

One of the highlights outside is the big marble swimming pool. It's perfect for a cool swim under the warm sun. Around the pool, there are comfortable chairs to relax on while enjoying the sun or reading a book. The soft breeze from the nearby sea makes this area very relaxing.

The gardens around the villa are well-kept and full of local and tropical plants. Walking around the garden, you'll feel close to nature. It's a calm and peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors.

For those who love to eat outside, there's a dining and BBQ area. It's set in the middle of the garden, making it a great place for meals under the stars with family and friends.

If you like sports, you'll enjoy our private tennis course. It has a modern shooting machine for practice or playing matches. The court is set against a background of the sea and greenery, making playing tennis here a unique experience.

For fitness lovers, there’s a seafront gym. It has modern equipment for different workouts. The big windows give you a beautiful sea view while you exercise.

There's also a special room for yoga and meditation. This quiet space overlooks the sea and is perfect for relaxing your mind and body.

Every outdoor space at Villa Nautilus is made for guests to enjoy different activities while enjoying the luxury and nature of Phuket. Whether it's swimming, eating outside, playing tennis, working out, or doing yoga, there’s something for everyone.

In simple words, the outside of Villa Nautilus is a beautiful, relaxing, and fun place. It offers a luxury stay with many outdoor activities to enjoy, all set in the natural beauty of Patong, Phuket. Villa Nautilus is not just a place to stay, but a place to enjoy life in a beautiful setting.

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9 Soi Baan Suankamnan, Pa Tong, Patong, Phuket 83150


+66 95-155-2888

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